Broken Girl Ritual


 Words to Live By…

As a person that thrives in a chaotic environment, it is rather difficult to take a step back and think about my well being. I am constantly on the go, and have very little time to myself. I haven’t had a day where I take off completely, and just explore my favorite places. It’s almost as if it’s a thing of the past. Perhaps I feel as though, when I was younger, I had less responsibilities in comparison to now. (Since I have always had responsibilities even as a young lad). I feel that now, every moment counts, every second I have to be productive and work towards my goals. Yet I fail to delve in the most important factor. Spending time on me. I have a bad habit of placing other things and peoples needs ahead of mine. Due to my upbringing I have always felt I could deal with my own turmoil, but with others, I always had to find a way to help them. More often than not, most people whom I would help daily, wouldn’t give me the time of day. If they did, it soon went unappreciated. Yet I continue to focus on other people. Perhaps its a sign that I wish to not face myself?…Either way, the most important factor is to take care of ourselves.  For we are living in our bodies and our bodies and minds are the ones that carry us through the day, and without them being at their ultimate health, we couldn’t possibly take on the many challenges we force our bodies to endure. I have been guilty of indulging in the poor diets, lack of exercise, and crucial lack of motivation. I placed a halt on abusing my body and have learned to appreciate it and love it through Holistic Living. 


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