Cats are my Medicine…

Ever since I was a little girl ,I have been surrounded my chaos. I lived in a dangerous neighborhood, where a gang at the time, would have daily drive bus. At one point our house was targeted, and three bullets entered our home. My family and I had to practice protocols on when to duck, and hide for moments like these. On top of that, My parents were fighting a continuous battle of animosity, and the animosity won. It was then, where my neighbors cat had kittens, which led  them to crossi over to our home, and I became imminently in tranced by their celestial existence. Cats were the best thing that happened to me and immediately I knew, I wanted to have a career assisting animals, and help them thrive and get adopted. Upon growing up, I experienced more chaos : being homeless, lack of funds, and a parent who was not mentally stable. Through all of that hardship I remained a straight A student and delved in school, and good teachers who always believed in me. If it wouldn’t be for them, the  negative criticism I would often receive, would have truly been engraved, and hindered my ability to believe in myself. 


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