Animal Regulations in Apartments…

I recently signed up to volunteer as a kennel attendant in a local No Kill Bunny shelter. One of my many dreams is to work close with animals so I can photograph them in setting in which their best light will shine through the photograph and eventually this will get them closer to finding a home.

Being the devoted cat lover that I am. It pains me that apartments do not allow animals or pets in their homes. Aren’t we entitled to have animals? They’re living creatures. If the regulations would lessen, and having animals in units would become acceptable, there would be more people feeling happy, less depression, and animals would find shelter, love and a home. Isn’t paying a security deposit enough to cover the possible damages a pet can cause?…

Sometimes landlords don’t return deposits for no reason at all…You can leave an apartment building looking spotless and the landlords will make a way in which they will keep the deposit for their own unjustified reasons. So, why can’t we all have an animal keeping us company when the days are somber? Why can’t we have a animal to listen to us, make us laugh?…I don’t understand society and it’s restrictions. I have been unfortunate enough to have never owned a animal. I have fed many stray cats in my existence, but to call them my own, I couldn’t. It would go against the “rules”. All of my efforts and hard work is currently going to the dream of moving out, and owning as many pets as I could get my hands on. If you have ever watched the film “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” ?.. Then thats a pretty good depiction of who I am when it comes to animals….

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