A Victimized Mentality..

Why am I so comfortable in victimizing myself ? Often I find myself constantly comparing others lives to my own. Why was my upbringing so harsh that it’s taken me light years of self talk to convince myself that I am worthy?.. Years of being under stimulated and conditioned to believe we weren’t born for this world. This world was catered to other people and we just have to sit in the back seat of the ride. I rode that wave for far too long. I decided NO.. It’s not for other people. It’s for me as well. I can make something of myself. My life may not been catered or devised to show me I can succeed. But I sure as hell know that I am beyond capable of changing myself. My mentality. Those around me, to come to understand that we can do this. We can break away from the horrid upbringing that led us to think less of ourselves. I often battle looking at others so easily succeeding, while I am taking baby steps to merely get up from my mental funk. Yet , comparing ourselves to others lives can be so easily accessible and the lies society feeds us of how others live their life is debilitating. Society is conditioned to only show the good. The fun and adventurous layers we possess. We mustn’t show our misery to the world, for animosity is all around us. Everyone even the happiest person on social media and television has gone through sorrows. Although it may not show, it’s so easy to forget that everyone endures obstacles in their lifetime. The comparison sets in because their life and the ones we lead are completely different and they perhaps might have more than us. Beneath all of their wealth. We are humans. Humans in search to better ourselves. That is the ultimate goal. Not who has the most money, the fastest car, Or latest fashion in the market.

When the time comes. We are left with absolutely nothing. We have to take a step back and focus on ourselves. Not on the grand lives are seemingly living. We have a journey, and our obstacles hindering our ability to achieve them will pave our way to a grand story that will inspire others in a debilitating state of mind to rise up and survive…

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