“The Grain” Vegan Restaurant

I recently stumbled across a very valuable gem. “The Grain” restaraunt is located in Long Beach ca and in Los Angeles ca. I visited the Long Beach location and was imminently enamored.

They had so many options from authentic Mexican style food that was vivid with flavor.  From Mexican style dishes to pizza, salads, waffles etc. They have everything one may crave.

I had the pleasure to taste the tofu scramble with veggie bacon. It was extremely decadent and it became a instant favorite. The place was rather cozy but had a nice ambiance. The waitresses were attentive and sweet. I will definitely be going back to try the rest of their menu. If you live by either of their two locations, I highly recommend you visit them. You will not regret it.


Here is an image of their infamous breakfast, I got a Belgium Waffle topped with Strawberry Jam, Whip Cream and Powdered sugar . One word : Amazing!


This is the Tofu Scramble with Vegan Bacon, and avocado. Flavor at its finest.



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