Vegan chocolate?.. hmm

Over and over I hear people who are contemplating making the switch to a vegan diet. One of the first questions I hear besides “where do you get your protein from?” Is chocolate. People will say I can’t go on without chocolate !.. so the solution is simple. Vegan chocolate is out there ! In this excerpt, I will review two brands of chocolate. One of the brands is Sun Spire and Montezuma. Both of these chocolates are vegan and Sun Spire is gluten free. However Sun Spire has about 12 grams of sugar. While Montezuma’s has zero sugar . Which can be such a great haven for those who are following a zero sugar diet.

Now let’s get down for the biggest question : *insert drum roll here** ..


Sun Spire’s Dark Chocolate Dream Chocolate bar definitely takes the win for taste. It is creamy, decadent and the tiny pieces of almonds truly compliments the consistency. I fell in love with this chocolate bar. I have had it before, but noticed that its formula has been reinvented and truly for the best!

  • Now for Montezuma’s 100 percent Cocoa Solids Dark Chocolate / Absolute Black with Cocoa Nibs. My first imminent thoughts of this chocolate bar was : mildly creamy consistency, starkly bitter and definitely an acquired taste. By the middle of the chocolate bar I felt the taste go bitter further more, yet, by the end of the chocolate bar, I found myself wanting to reach for more. While the chocolate is best for those who prefer and love Dark and bitter taste , I would recommend this chocolate for those who are following a sugar free / vegan lifestyle. It has a good consistency but it is a great sugar infused chocolate bar replacer. As for those who are like myself a sweet tooth chaser , I will pair it up with your choice of nuts. I prefer almonds with chocolate and it is a great mixture. I don’t go and crave the whole chocolate far that’s infested with sugar.

Now to surmise , which chocolate bar suits you best?

If you’re following a vegan sugar free lifestyle I highly recommend Montezuma’s 100 percent dark chocolate to suit your chocolate needs, and if you prefer a sweeter taste , pair it up with nuts of your choice.

If you like the sweeter things in life , then choose the Sun Spire Dark Chocolate Dream. Always keep in mind the sugar content any packaged food contains. As this bar does contain 12 grams of sugar, we may not want to finish the entire bar (which I try to condition myself to follow that notion).. Let’s keep on striving for health without sacrificing the taste !

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