A downward Spiral..

When I gaze into my own eyes, I see a shadow.

A shadow that fails to decay. It only gets stronger and stronger.

I delve in the past through the sorrow beneath my tears.

Unstoppable. Inevitable. When will I go on?

Does my downward spiral of emotions and lack of luck condemn me for a life of animosity?

Am I not worth to supersede the darkness that condemns me ?

What is there for me to do? For what do I strive for ?

If my all has been stripped and robbed through an erratic state of mind.

The light that once attempted to spark has been completely snuffed out.

When will I see, that all of my actions will lead me,

Far far away ,

From the tragedy ,that I’ve always known. ‘Til this day.

-Abigail Vidauri

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