Vegan burger Taste Test : @ Burger Lords

I’ve heard numerous people rave about Burger Lords and word on the street was that it was epic. Thus I had to travel a ways to try it out for myself.

I stumbled across their China Town location, and imminently was enamored with the sight. The whole ambiance complimented the Burger Joint that has been stylized to fit right into China Town’s vibe.

Aesthetically I was in , but it was time for the taste test :

I had the pleasure of choosing their Vegan Double Cheese Burger , which consisted of a fluffy bun, covered in their infamous Big Mac like sauce, and double Veggie Patty and delicious vegan cheese (lettuce and tomato). My first bite was splendid and I rejoiced with pleasure.

Yet my second bite gave me more perspective and I concluded that while the Burger was great and tasty. The veggie bun threw me off a bit. It had a great nutty taste but would quickly crumble, which became quite messy to eat.

Perhaps if it had a vegan meat style patty, the concept would have worked a bit better.

But overall I loved the Burger and I would definitely go back and order this beast of a Burger.

My overall rate is 8/10 if you’re seeking for a “meaty” experience. And 10/10 if you’re seeking for a more earthy/ healthy style of cheeseburger.

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