Pizza fiends ! Must try Pizzanista !

So I recently visited the most coziest and friendly pizzeria spot in downtown Los Angeles , in the arts district ; PIZZANISTA!

Unlike most eatery’s in L.A, Pizzanista has their very own parking lot, despite the size of the structure, I managed to find a space imminently , which definitely added to the pleasant experience.

Anyone who knows me knows, I am a kombucha fiend, so when I saw raspberry rush by GTS (the very best tasting kombucha) I was an extreme happy camper.

Upon seeing the menu, I was excited to see their vegan options and I had to go with their infamous “Jesus meets Seitan” and I thanked my instincts for kicking in as I sunk my teeth on one of the best If not the very best Vegan pizza.

Don’t let the photo fool you. This bad boy will fulfill all of your cheese and meat wildest fantasies!

As a vegan it can be tough to inflict interest upon my non vegan friends to try out vegan options but one of my friends blatantly told me, “I am not trying any plant food right now , I can do it on a normal stomach but right now, I am famished. I need my meat!”

I gave him a glare but was not going to argue the flaws in his statement.

Coincidently, we both ordered and he ordered the meat lovers pizza option which contained Pepperoni, Sausage and bacon.

When his pizza arrived. They had confused his order and gave him the same pizza as me “Jesus meets seitan” he gives me a look of sorrow and defeat as he relinquishes his will to switch the pizza and just sinks his teeth in.

After the first bite, he tells me. “ This is the best pizza I have ever tasted. Are u sure it is vegan ?!”

  • I laughed and was filled with happiness that this very moment gave me hope that , even the biggest meat enthusiasts can make the transition one day.

None the less. Final verdict. 10/10. A must try!

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