My Fitness Journey : A Rather stagnant one.

Fitness has always been a part of my life in which I enjoy and incorporate.

As a small build woman, (5’2). I have always known that I should be at 105-117 the highest. Yet my typical weight always drops at around 145. 

I worked very hard in my early twenties to get to that status and reached a 124 frame and I felt so comfortable in that body frame. I would wear clothes that fit!

And I wouldn’t blame the camera for adding pounds as I was very content with my results.

Sadly that body frame wasn’t what my body was comfortable with , thus I always had to push through when my body wanted to fit in those extra pounds.

Upon struggling to get to goal weight, I landed a job at a lawfirm which was constantly sitting, for hours on end , not to mention traffic was two hours to get home. This meant my body was immobilized for about 9 hours of my day and further more when my body would give out after arriving home. SO……..

My body did what it’s really good at and stored all of the fat and I didn’t notice all of this fat being stored as I was constantly wearing stuff like yoga pants and lose dressy shirts. 

It wasn’t until February 2018 ,That I realized I have gained all the weight and then some back ! My clothes wouldn fit, I looked extra pudgy in my photos and I couldn’t find anything that suited my frame.

As a person that struggles with depression this hit me pretty bad. I constantly condition myself and blame myself for lack of drive, for being so close to my goal and completely reverting back to where I began.

After numerous self put downs, I realized it was time for a change ! 

I follow a plant based diet, but this time around , I eat less processed items, such as Vegetables, fruits grains, and legumes.

After a month , I decided to switch jobs and I stopped working in a field that engaged in a heavy sedentary lifestyle.

I now work with students with special needs and I am constantly moving my body.

After a month of making the switch, I realized that I have not lost a pound , or inches. So then engaged emerged my depression and dissatisfaction with myself.  But I can say I have more energy and stamina. I feel happier and I know the results are just waiting to appear.

So here I have two photos.  Alongside the weight and date.

On this photo I was 124 in 2016, and I loved feeling this way but I knew it wasn’t going to last because I wasn’t keeping up with the exercising and healthy way of life.


On the photo below, I was 144, In 2017 in May of 2018 I will posting another update on my weight loss / healthy journey !


Lastly , don’t give up on accomplishing your goals. Even if we don’t see immediate results our bodies will thank us for eating healthy and taking the time to exercise. 

An oncoming update coming up soon!






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