Veg heads : The Loving Hut in O.C is a must see !

Upon following a hike in Orange County, I stumbled across , The Loving Hut.

It’s a rather tiny and cozy restaurant but yet the staff is amazing and inviting. The Loving Hut is a Chinese style All vegan restaurant. With so many options to choose from I ended up choosing a plate of soy meat drenched in a mouthwatering nutty sauce and bean sprouts. Followed rice and a nice dressed salad. My first taste was that of a person tasting heaven for the first time. Everything was amazing. Typically I am the type of person that sees a salad and leaves it alone and eats the other portions of the plate. Yet this salad was so good. I ate the entire plate. All I wanted to do was come back with an emptier stomach and try out the rest of their stuff. Not to mention their desert section as follows : Despite my drooling , I couldn’t fit another bite in my stomach. Thus, I decided to try out these lovely deserts the next time. Expect to see a review of their Vegan treats !!

Verdict : 10/10 Excellent environment. Great Food. Friendly staff. !

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