The 2nd Healthy Eatery in Bellflower CA.

I have heard pretty decent reviews about this place and while it is a place that serves meat, it has some vegan options. While I typically do not eat at places that sell meat, I thought I’d try their vegan options and see if I can support their Vegan sandwiches in hopes others do the same… (Anywho)…

lets get down to the Nitty Gritty (Not sure is that’s how it’s spelled, however my imminent thoughts were , this place is empty and had no customers. There were three employees and their vegan options were as follows :

So , not that much variety but I chose the “Protein Power” sandwich containing wheat bread , Chickpeas, Avocado, salt, tomato and pepper. A bit on the simple side.

My friend ordered the “Crispy Tofu Sandwich” which contained vegan bread, tofu and avocado.

When the woman on the counter rung us up. She asked if we would like vegan cheese. We said yes. Upon paying for our sandwiches the total was $30. For two sandwiches that were rather plain in description.

Now, my math skills are not all that sharp, but even I was able to make out that 30 for two sandwiches didn’t make a lot of sense. So when I asked the woman in the counter she advised she had charged us for the vegan cheese.

I thanked her for the clarity but as a person who worked in the food industry for about two years, I know that it’s a proper protocol to inform customers when something is an extra charge. I.e , when avocado, cheese, a protein is extra typically says in the menu or the cashier will notify when asking if we would like to add it.

So I was put off by that a bit and handed her over my credit card. She advised my credit card didn’t go through, in most cases that would make sense but this time it was pay day so i couldn’t possibly be broke already. I hadn’t paid rent yet!

I gave her another card when she told me the entire system is down.

I told her I did not have any cash on me.

She advised ” okay well the options are, you go to the bank, take out cash and then come back or you leave me your credit card information and expiration date etc so I can charge you three hours from now.”

I felt extremely annoyed at the fact that she did not acknowledge that this was an inconvenience on their behave and there was no way I could leave my credit card information !

At this moment my friend took the plunge and gave the cashier cash. Thank goodness my friend had cash because despite the poor service, I would hate for food to go to waste.

Now after we paid for our sandwiches , we hear there’s quite some animosity between employees. Perhaps we went on an off day.

Any who , this was the Protein Power sandwich. Quite hefty, I would say it’s big enough for one half to do the job but it depends how much you eat in a sitting.

The sandwich was flavorful and it was satisfying yet, at the same time , it felt as though you sunk your teeth into something you could have probably made at home over and over again for the amount of money you paid for it. Not to mention the ambiance sort of changed my perspective on the sandwich.

Now on the other hand. My sister ordered the Crispy Tofu sandwich.

Here were her thoughts.

-the sandwich was not toasted.

– the tofu was extremely soft, did not fit the description

– it was bland.

My friend and I have this notion that we feel as though disturbing the peace by complaining about our food can come off as rude but in a sense, I really wanted to stand up for myself and claim that we did not receive a sandwich that fit the description.

Sadly, we left angrily and felt bamboozled.

Overall Rating 5/10.

– Sandwich selection is small, plain and hefty on the prices to be a place that does not specialize in Vegan food.

– I honestly would not eat here again, I left completely dissatisfied. If you guys have tried it, or choose to give it try , let me know how it goes for you! ❤️

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