Doomies : Next Mex New Restaraunt

Doomies, is an infamous Vegan restaurant located in the heart of Hollywood, recently opened up a Vegan Mexican restaurant next to their original home cooking vicinity.

The first impressions of the restaurant are very reminiscent of Mexican Grocery stores, that would often utilize Piñatas, and traditional Mexican music was playing in the background. Imminently, the restauraunr carries an authentic vibe , and what is rather different from this restaraunt is that, it’s self served.

The customer reads the menu and inputs their order in the screens and waits to be called to pick up their order. I ordered Chile Rellenos, my friends ordered carnitas Nachos, and a wet burrito. The wait was ten minutes and the food spoke for it self.

Below is the Chile Relleno, a traditional Mexican dish containing egg base, Pasilla pepper stuffed with cheese. A dish that is mouth watering and goes well in any celebration.

Thus, my excitement to try the vegan version was immense. My initial thoughts were, the rice, beans and salad were astonishing.

The dish itself was very good. Yet it didn’t truly live up to what I typically expect from a relleno, but it was really tasty and I would highly recommend it.

One of the friends who accompanied me, had never tasted vegan food and she thought this dish was great, not a replica , but definitely a dish she would try again.

Below is the vegan Nachos. Topped with Carnitas / jalapeños, sour cream, melted cheese on corn tortillas garnished with cilantro. This dish was emasculate. Absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend the nachos from Doomies Nex Mex. They are by far the best nachos I’ve had, even in my prior non vegan days. This dish would wins hands down. Absolutely amazing. If you guys try Doomies Next Mex, comment below your experience and what you had. I’d love feedback and know all about your experiences !

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