Doomies : Next Mex New Restaraunt

Doomies, is an infamous Vegan restaurant located in the heart of Hollywood, recently opened up a Vegan Mexican restaurant next to their original home cooking vicinity.

The first impressions of the restaurant are very reminiscent of Mexican Grocery stores, that would often utilize Piñatas, and traditional Mexican music was playing in the background. Imminently, the restauraunr carries an authentic vibe , and what is rather different from this restaraunt is that, it’s self served.

The customer reads the menu and inputs their order in the screens and waits to be called to pick up their order. I ordered Chile Rellenos, my friends ordered carnitas Nachos, and a wet burrito. The wait was ten minutes and the food spoke for it self.

Below is the Chile Relleno, a traditional Mexican dish containing egg base, Pasilla pepper stuffed with cheese. A dish that is mouth watering and goes well in any celebration.

Thus, my excitement to try the vegan version was immense. My initial thoughts were, the rice, beans and salad were astonishing.

The dish itself was very good. Yet it didn’t truly live up to what I typically expect from a relleno, but it was really tasty and I would highly recommend it.

One of the friends who accompanied me, had never tasted vegan food and she thought this dish was great, not a replica , but definitely a dish she would try again.

Below is the vegan Nachos. Topped with Carnitas / jalapeños, sour cream, melted cheese on corn tortillas garnished with cilantro. This dish was emasculate. Absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend the nachos from Doomies Nex Mex. They are by far the best nachos I’ve had, even in my prior non vegan days. This dish would wins hands down. Absolutely amazing. If you guys try Doomies Next Mex, comment below your experience and what you had. I’d love feedback and know all about your experiences !

The 2nd Healthy Eatery in Bellflower CA.

I have heard pretty decent reviews about this place and while it is a place that serves meat, it has some vegan options. While I typically do not eat at places that sell meat, I thought I’d try their vegan options and see if I can support their Vegan sandwiches in hopes others do the same… (Anywho)…

lets get down to the Nitty Gritty (Not sure is that’s how it’s spelled, however my imminent thoughts were , this place is empty and had no customers. There were three employees and their vegan options were as follows :

So , not that much variety but I chose the “Protein Power” sandwich containing wheat bread , Chickpeas, Avocado, salt, tomato and pepper. A bit on the simple side.

My friend ordered the “Crispy Tofu Sandwich” which contained vegan bread, tofu and avocado.

When the woman on the counter rung us up. She asked if we would like vegan cheese. We said yes. Upon paying for our sandwiches the total was $30. For two sandwiches that were rather plain in description.

Now, my math skills are not all that sharp, but even I was able to make out that 30 for two sandwiches didn’t make a lot of sense. So when I asked the woman in the counter she advised she had charged us for the vegan cheese.

I thanked her for the clarity but as a person who worked in the food industry for about two years, I know that it’s a proper protocol to inform customers when something is an extra charge. I.e , when avocado, cheese, a protein is extra typically says in the menu or the cashier will notify when asking if we would like to add it.

So I was put off by that a bit and handed her over my credit card. She advised my credit card didn’t go through, in most cases that would make sense but this time it was pay day so i couldn’t possibly be broke already. I hadn’t paid rent yet!

I gave her another card when she told me the entire system is down.

I told her I did not have any cash on me.

She advised ” okay well the options are, you go to the bank, take out cash and then come back or you leave me your credit card information and expiration date etc so I can charge you three hours from now.”

I felt extremely annoyed at the fact that she did not acknowledge that this was an inconvenience on their behave and there was no way I could leave my credit card information !

At this moment my friend took the plunge and gave the cashier cash. Thank goodness my friend had cash because despite the poor service, I would hate for food to go to waste.

Now after we paid for our sandwiches , we hear there’s quite some animosity between employees. Perhaps we went on an off day.

Any who , this was the Protein Power sandwich. Quite hefty, I would say it’s big enough for one half to do the job but it depends how much you eat in a sitting.

The sandwich was flavorful and it was satisfying yet, at the same time , it felt as though you sunk your teeth into something you could have probably made at home over and over again for the amount of money you paid for it. Not to mention the ambiance sort of changed my perspective on the sandwich.

Now on the other hand. My sister ordered the Crispy Tofu sandwich.

Here were her thoughts.

-the sandwich was not toasted.

– the tofu was extremely soft, did not fit the description

– it was bland.

My friend and I have this notion that we feel as though disturbing the peace by complaining about our food can come off as rude but in a sense, I really wanted to stand up for myself and claim that we did not receive a sandwich that fit the description.

Sadly, we left angrily and felt bamboozled.

Overall Rating 5/10.

– Sandwich selection is small, plain and hefty on the prices to be a place that does not specialize in Vegan food.

– I honestly would not eat here again, I left completely dissatisfied. If you guys have tried it, or choose to give it try , let me know how it goes for you! ❤️

Life in Itself …

I am tired of trying to find meaning to things that happen for which I have no control,

Tired of trying to figure out life : it’s reasoning, it’s logic, who’s deserving of it etc.

tired of feeling constant sorrow days on end. ,

when will the malancholy seize to exist?

I grasp a minuscule second of mirth but the feeling doesn’t last long.

What gives?

I fail to understand to know to feel loved and question whether this is my inevitable destined fate?

My Fitness Journey : A Rather stagnant one.

Fitness has always been a part of my life in which I enjoy and incorporate.

As a small build woman, (5’2). I have always known that I should be at 105-117 the highest. Yet my typical weight always drops at around 145. 

I worked very hard in my early twenties to get to that status and reached a 124 frame and I felt so comfortable in that body frame. I would wear clothes that fit!

And I wouldn’t blame the camera for adding pounds as I was very content with my results.

Sadly that body frame wasn’t what my body was comfortable with , thus I always had to push through when my body wanted to fit in those extra pounds.

Upon struggling to get to goal weight, I landed a job at a lawfirm which was constantly sitting, for hours on end , not to mention traffic was two hours to get home. This meant my body was immobilized for about 9 hours of my day and further more when my body would give out after arriving home. SO……..

My body did what it’s really good at and stored all of the fat and I didn’t notice all of this fat being stored as I was constantly wearing stuff like yoga pants and lose dressy shirts. 

It wasn’t until February 2018 ,That I realized I have gained all the weight and then some back ! My clothes wouldn fit, I looked extra pudgy in my photos and I couldn’t find anything that suited my frame.

As a person that struggles with depression this hit me pretty bad. I constantly condition myself and blame myself for lack of drive, for being so close to my goal and completely reverting back to where I began.

After numerous self put downs, I realized it was time for a change ! 

I follow a plant based diet, but this time around , I eat less processed items, such as Vegetables, fruits grains, and legumes.

After a month , I decided to switch jobs and I stopped working in a field that engaged in a heavy sedentary lifestyle.

I now work with students with special needs and I am constantly moving my body.

After a month of making the switch, I realized that I have not lost a pound , or inches. So then engaged emerged my depression and dissatisfaction with myself.  But I can say I have more energy and stamina. I feel happier and I know the results are just waiting to appear.

So here I have two photos.  Alongside the weight and date.

On this photo I was 124 in 2016, and I loved feeling this way but I knew it wasn’t going to last because I wasn’t keeping up with the exercising and healthy way of life.


On the photo below, I was 144, In 2017 in May of 2018 I will posting another update on my weight loss / healthy journey !


Lastly , don’t give up on accomplishing your goals. Even if we don’t see immediate results our bodies will thank us for eating healthy and taking the time to exercise. 

An oncoming update coming up soon!






Failure to Find Meaning.

Who am I?

What have I come here to do?

I am a wanderer and have found no home to set my foot in.

I am constantly fooled into thinking I have found my calling.

The further I pursue a dream, the closer I get to discovering it was not for me.

I carry on in the admist of wrongful fire.

I accept that the virtue in which I wish to posses has failed to find me.

Clarity. All I find is ambivalence that won’t let me see , what I am here to be.

Veg heads : The Loving Hut in O.C is a must see !

Upon following a hike in Orange County, I stumbled across , The Loving Hut.

It’s a rather tiny and cozy restaurant but yet the staff is amazing and inviting. The Loving Hut is a Chinese style All vegan restaurant. With so many options to choose from I ended up choosing a plate of soy meat drenched in a mouthwatering nutty sauce and bean sprouts. Followed rice and a nice dressed salad. My first taste was that of a person tasting heaven for the first time. Everything was amazing. Typically I am the type of person that sees a salad and leaves it alone and eats the other portions of the plate. Yet this salad was so good. I ate the entire plate. All I wanted to do was come back with an emptier stomach and try out the rest of their stuff. Not to mention their desert section as follows : Despite my drooling , I couldn’t fit another bite in my stomach. Thus, I decided to try out these lovely deserts the next time. Expect to see a review of their Vegan treats !!

Verdict : 10/10 Excellent environment. Great Food. Friendly staff. !

Pizza fiends ! Must try Pizzanista !

So I recently visited the most coziest and friendly pizzeria spot in downtown Los Angeles , in the arts district ; PIZZANISTA!

Unlike most eatery’s in L.A, Pizzanista has their very own parking lot, despite the size of the structure, I managed to find a space imminently , which definitely added to the pleasant experience.

Anyone who knows me knows, I am a kombucha fiend, so when I saw raspberry rush by GTS (the very best tasting kombucha) I was an extreme happy camper.

Upon seeing the menu, I was excited to see their vegan options and I had to go with their infamous “Jesus meets Seitan” and I thanked my instincts for kicking in as I sunk my teeth on one of the best If not the very best Vegan pizza.

Don’t let the photo fool you. This bad boy will fulfill all of your cheese and meat wildest fantasies!

As a vegan it can be tough to inflict interest upon my non vegan friends to try out vegan options but one of my friends blatantly told me, “I am not trying any plant food right now , I can do it on a normal stomach but right now, I am famished. I need my meat!”

I gave him a glare but was not going to argue the flaws in his statement.

Coincidently, we both ordered and he ordered the meat lovers pizza option which contained Pepperoni, Sausage and bacon.

When his pizza arrived. They had confused his order and gave him the same pizza as me “Jesus meets seitan” he gives me a look of sorrow and defeat as he relinquishes his will to switch the pizza and just sinks his teeth in.

After the first bite, he tells me. “ This is the best pizza I have ever tasted. Are u sure it is vegan ?!”

  • I laughed and was filled with happiness that this very moment gave me hope that , even the biggest meat enthusiasts can make the transition one day.

None the less. Final verdict. 10/10. A must try!